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A horticultural, botanical and ethnobotanical tour-de-force, this astounding book pays homage to one of the most beautiful of garden shrubs or small trees: the genus Brugmansia. With branches laden with myriad pendent flowers up to half a metre in length, and in regular flushes through the year in favourable conditions, these supremely spectacular, erotically scented plants have become favourites of the gardening fraternity of the last 30 years. With a selection of the finest 100 of the 1800 cultivars now available pictured and described, the horticultural chapters provide the keen gardener and horticulturist with full cultural needs for a range of climates. Other extensive chapters present a botanical revision, the natural history and the ethnobotany of the plant: the most powerful, immediate and dangerous means of triggering spiritual visions in South American shamanic practices; use of which persists today despite centuries of cultural oppression.

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